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Galicia + 5 reasons to add Lalín to your trip to Galicia
Visit Lalín Serra do Candán and natural landscapes

If you haven’t been to Galicia yet, you probably haven’t heard of Lalín before. Don’t worry, it’s one of the most under-the-radar under-the-radar destinations that we’ve visited lately. And it’s a shame!

The best thing? It’s on your way, no matter where you are going. If you are traveling through Galicia, you will be really close to here. And it’s a great place to see and experience the authentic Galicia with only one exception: it doesn’t have a coast. So, now that we got you wondering… here’s our…

5 great reasons to visit Lalín on your trip to Galicia

Best of traditional Galician food

As I told you before on our Introduction to Galician food, food here is part of the local culture. And Lalín is the capital of one of the most iconic dishes you’ll find: Cocido.

Cocido is a traditional stew made with pork (all of it, from pigtail to head), potatoes, chickpeas, chicken, cabbage… and here in Lalín, Cocido is so important that it is celebrated every year from January to February at the Feira do Cocido, a Festival that has been declared of Touristic Interest in Spain.

Besides that, you can eat some great Pulpo (octopus) too, as the capital of pulpo á feira is only 20 minutes away by car. They have wonderful designation of Origin cheeses: Tetilla, ArzúaUlloa. And they have 50% of the honey producers in all Pontevedra all located at the tiny town of Zobra.

More about it here: Galician food in Lalín

Chorizo with chickpeas traditional galician food Cocido

Creative and entrepreneurial spirit

There must be something in the water or the beautiful landscapes that surround Lalín, that has produced some of the most interesting personalities in Galicia: painter Laxeiro, aviator Joaquín Loriga or mathematician and astronomer Ramón Aller were born here.

But it is not only the people who were born here who were induced to do great things, writer Emilia Pardo Bazán wrote her masterpiece Os pazos de Ulloa (The House of Ulloa) here.

And their modern town hall, from worldwide awarded architects Mansilla + Tuñón, is a must visit for everyone interested in Architecture.

Find out more about them when you visit in Lalín

Laxeiro puppet Creative people Galicia Lalín

Stunning landscapes

When you visit Lalín you will see the real green Galicia. Yes, the town itself might not be the most beautiful town you will step on (although it has some great spots, we’ll write about that in the next days), but just look around: there is a real beautiful Fraga (a traditional Galician forest) at Fraga de Catasós, amazing hiking paths that go through the hills of Sierra do Candán, natural river landscapes at the area of Mouriscade…

And it changes every season: Spring brings green and exuberant colors. Autumn, red and ochre forests making it simply spectacular. Summer is hot but rivers are full of life, making it a great place to explore nature and its sounds. Winter might be cold and rainy but the beauty of these places are highlighted by the smell of a good fireplace nearby and the great food you will have after exploring the area.

More about it here: Authentic Galicia in Lalín

Fraga de Catasós Lalín natural spaces

A land of old traditions

Don’t get me wrong on this one: Lalín is a modern town but as far as culture and traditions they have been wise enough to keep them. A good sobremesa (the tradition to talk for hours after the meal has ended), traditional deserts like filloas and leche frita (which take a long time to cook the right way), or the matanza  (a unique way to kill the pig, which gathers the whole family to help transform it into pork that will feed them through the year.)

A short visit to Museum Casa do Patrón will allow you to learn more about the way Galicia has evolved through the years. But don’t stop there: nearby villages like Zobra are a living sample of the way the Galician people used to live not that long ago.

Galician traditions and culture Lalín

Location, location, location

I told you at the beginning: you have no excuses not to visit Lalín. It is right in the center of everything. Well connected with Santiago, Vigo, Ourense… and that’s the reason why they have considered it the Km.0 town.

Yes, you will be needing a car to make the most of it, but even the Way goes through, connecting the Winter Way with the Silver Way right outside the village.

Plus, access is through Highways (if you want to go fast) and winding roads (if you feel like stopping everywhere you want), so it’s up to you how long it takes you to get there. Just go!

Perfect location Lalín Galicia

On a map

Some extra info

Lalín village is easily explored on foot but you will need a car to make the most of your visit here (or a good pair of hiking boots).

There are several private parkings available around town and many public parking areas.

How to get there

By train: Renfe operates direct trains from Ourense and Santiago de Compostela but timetables are a bit limited (and sometimes confusing). You can travel by Bus from Vigo, Santiago, Ourense etc. but car is still the easiest route.

By plane: all three airports in Galicia are at 1 hour – 1 hour and a half distance. Check Vigo (VGO) Santiago de Compostela (SCQ) and A Coruña (LCG).

The Way: two routes cross by Lalín, the Winter Way (Camino de Invierno) and the Silver Way (Vía de la Plata)

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