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Spain+ What to eat in Chipiona, Cadiz

Eating in Spain makes an amazing journy on itself, from the traditional pintxos from the Basque country to the delicacies from Galicia, the wonderful paellas in Valencia, or the worldwide churros and porras from Madrid… and Andalusia has a lot to offer too.

In our search for inspiration along the Cadiz coastline, we enjoyed some of the greatest in Chipiona. Do you want to know what to order when you visit? Here is our little guide with…

…5 dishes you must try in chipiona, cadiz

tuna tartar chipiona

Amazing Tuna tartar

Cadiz region is worldwide famous for their unique tuna fishing at “almadrabas” so it’s quite easy to find different ways to eat it. One of the most common ones in Chipiona is the Tartar with raw tuna, a delicacy you can try at many restaurants and even at some of the best “chiringuitos” (small restaurants usually located on the beach). Each recipe is a bit different but full of taste.

Where: Chiringuitos AWA Beach Club and La Manuela have great fish with asian-inspired cooking (and some traditional makings too) and Tapería Periky with a more traditional tapas style.

Fish from the “corrales” (or near)

With an unique tradition such as the “Corrales” fishing and being close to some of the most productive spots for near fishing, Chipiona has developed many different ways to eat both fish and seafood. Many recipes include moscatel wine sauces but many restaurants prefer to grill their “catch of the day” so you can enjoy it’s unique taste “as it is”.

Where: Casa Ricardo at the leisure port has some amazing daily catches and fish rice. Casa Juan is also a nice place for traditional fish recipes from Chipiona.

fish dish from Cadiz Chipiona
tortillitas de camarones, shrimp fritters from Cadiz

Tortillitas de camarones

These prawn fritters are the favorite snack at the coast and cooking them in the right way (not greasy, crispy and tasty) is an art. They are not easy to find but if you find them, you will most likely find the good ones (the not so good ones could get your restaurants’ reputation a kick in the butt so it’s either good or none at all.)

Where: Casa Ricardo and La Manuela usually have them, just ask.

Moscatel wine

Moscatel wine is only produced in Spain in Chipiona. It comes from sun dried grapes from the local vineyards and has a sweet distinctive taste. While you can have it to pair with your food, you can also have it as dessert or in you cookings (fish and meat from the region are usually served with moscato sauce.)

Where: There is a museum from the major producer in the region called Museo del Moscatel where you can learn from this wine-making tradition that dates back to the Romans. But almost every corner of Chipiona has a few options to try.

moscatel wine Chipiona Spain
tostas sin Bulli Chipiona tapas

Jamón and traditional tapas

Jamón is not the only “tapa” that you should try in Cadiz: carne mechada (meatloaf), grilled artichokes with ham, pork rind, scrambled eggs with “ortiguillas”, croquettes… there are plenty of options to enjoy.

Where: My top favorite is a small hole in the wall called Sin Bulli, but there is a long waiting line during summer season. Periky  is another great place to go (and with standard seating).

On a map

Some extra info

Chipiona is easily explored on foot but you can also rent a bike at Valdés Bikes for your trip and enjoy all the cycling routes along the coast. Or ask at your hotel, many of them have bikes available for rental or can book one for you.

If you are coming by car, ask your hotel first about parking availability, as it can get really crowded during Summer season. Other times of the year, parking should be easy on the streets.

How to get there

There is no direct train to Chipiona, but Jerez de la Frontera Airport (and train Station) are only 30 minutes away by car.

There is a bus route that connects Jerez with Chipiona, departing from the bus station (the building next to the train Station). If you are arriving by air, the airport has a train station connecting with Jerez city every 15 minutes.

You could also go there sailing, as it has an important marine, but remember to book way in advance, it is the entry point for Seville and the Doñana Natural Park.

Keep exploring
where to sleep in Chipiona

Chipiona has a wide offer of small hotels around, but there are two that are worth mentioning (and I always recommend to my friends and family) which are:

  • Hotel Agaró.  Right at the beach of Regla, it is the place for those looking for a very comfortable stay and clean&modern design. Extras: It has a swimming pool looking over the beach, a very nice bar below (Xiri copas) and a Gastro-Bar with traditional andalusian food and drinks.
  • Hotel La Española. Next to the old Chipiona, it is the place for those who love Andalusian houses, with its own patio and hand-painted tiles. Extras: the sunbathing rooftop looks over the “little castle” towards the lighthouse and the “Corrales”. They also run a traditional restaurant called La Española, next to the hotel.

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