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A blogtrip from Lalín DMO to promote the region among all sorts of travelers, with a focus on Nature and Food.

Length: 48 hours
Other participants: Galiciaenpie, Galicia Máxica, Las Historias de María, Tee Travel, La Alacena Roja, Demiku, Millán Dasairas, Una idea un viaje, Cabonorte Blog, Planeta Tour y Estambul, Woman To Santiago, A world to travel.

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Fraga de Catasós Lalín

26 Dec: 5 spots to find the “authentic” Galicia in Lalín

Authentic Galicia means green landscapes, hórreos, manor houses… We bring you 5 side trips where you can find it when you visit Lalín.

20 Dec: Where to eat in Lalín

Cocido is the word that comes to mind when speaking of Lalín. And there is a good reason for that, but it’s not the only option, check out where to eat in Lalín for a true Galician gastro experience.

13 Dec: What to visit when you visit Lalín, Galicia

It might not be on many classical to-do lists for Galicia, but you will be surprised by this tiny village right in the heart of Galicia. Want to find out why?

05 Dec: Why you should add Lalín to your list when you visit Galicia

Right in the heart of the Galicia, Lalín is a land of traditions but also of imagination and change-makers. Take a look at one of the most beautiful under-the-radar destinations in Spain

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