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Meet us+ Our reasons to travel
There are so many reasons to travel: to discover new ways of thinking, new recipes, new lives.

We are all different travelers. Some of us are more interested in adventure and others in culture. That doesn’t make us better or worse travelers, but since you are bound to read our advice, we decided to let you know what moves us when we travel.

Today it’s my turn: I’m Leticia and you might already know me as @trucosviajeros. I’ve been traveling since I was born and will keep doing it as long as I can. If you wan to classify me: I am a late millenial¿?, geek (addicted to technology), female solo traveler (although I love to travel with family and friends and other interesting people too), slow traveler, silent traveler, repeat traveler and opinionated (for the good and the bad).

These are my 5 reasons to travel

  • I travel to experience culture.

Yes, I like museums and exhibitions, but I don’t look for it only at Prado or Hermitage. I also love Street Art, music, cinema, books, illustration and fashion shops.

No, I’m not a fashionista and you won’t find me posing with my newest outfit, but I like seeing discovering different ways of dressing up when I travel.

  • I travel to see the beauty of the world.

The world is full of stunning places, weird spots, awesome colors… Whether nature or human made, I want to see, hear and smell them all.

  • I travel to test my limits.

There is something about travel that allows you to challenge yourself and get to know yourself and your place in the world. This is also my reason to travel: to do things new, learn a language, try a new recipe, drive on a new place and from the other side of the road…

trucosviajeros travel blogger
  • I travel to discover new ways of thinking.

Traveling is not only a way to find your place in the world. For creative industries, traveling should be mandatory: it helps you see needs and problems from different perspectives.

Different cultures can teach us better ways or just different ways. And, every once in a while, it shows us that what we do is the best way.

  • I travel to food.

Food says a lot about a culture. Forget about eating insects or reptiles, there’s more to travel food than funky food and I intend to try it all.

My weirdest eats? Mink whale in Iceland, Callos in Spain, Ants’ eggs in Mexico. My favorite? you can read them here

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