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About us + Our reasons to travel
I found my way to discover the world through coffee. There is nothing simpler than coffee, but a simple coffee changes from Portugal to Australia, from Spain to Turkey.

My main reason for traveling is to discover new cultures and ways of understanding their daily lives. For me, I found my way to discover the world in Coffee. I am a coffee traveler.

There is nothing simpler than a cup of coffee but a simple coffee with milk changes a lot. Think of Portugal with the Galão or in Italy with the Latte or in Australia, the Flat White. Some places still work the traditional brewed coffee like Turkish coffee, but I also look for the new ways of brewing like V60 or AeroPress. I am Patricia and you can find some coffees of this world at @baristaocoffeelover.

These are my 5 reasons to be a coffee traveler

  • I travel to get lost.

I love to get lost sometimes, trying to find something off the tourist map. This has proven an amazing source of stories – for example find an antique carousel at a Christmas fair in Brussels – and great coffee.

  • I travel to visit old Coffee Shops.

Every city has one of this traditional coffeeshops with an amazing history behind. “Heminway was here” or “The shot on the  roof was made by Villa”, you will feel part of history.

And the most important, they allow me to learn the way the locals ask for and drink a good coffee. Right now I’m on a personal quest with the coffee in Portugal. Someday I’ll understand all the ways they order coffee, I hope.

  • I travel for a good gossip, historic gossip.

One of the reason why we visit museums and castles, is that you can always find a good historical gossip there. Yes it is a little shameful, but I like this kind of histories.

I like turistic guides who know all the history of the city I am visiting. But I’d prefer to listen to what the Beefeaters know about the secret stories of the Tower of London.

To be hones, I never remember the dates when something happened, but I will never forget the place where they cut the head of Bolena.

Coffee traveler
  • I travel to walk like a local.

This is the feeling I look for: when you are about to leave place but, you think that you could live there. Do the same things as a locals: walk fast as a “Madrileño” or drink a wine on a Parisian Cafe.

  • I travel to live books and films.

Books and Films show us a lot of places that we want to go. It is great when you wallk on the same Dubline streets that Ulises -from Joyce- or Dracula -from Bram Soker- go through in the books.

On my list, I want to go back to Paris for three reasons: find more about the Syndrome of Paris, walk through the steps of Amelie and enjoy the same walk of the  first 20 minutes of Midnight in Paris by Woody Allen.

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