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It’s that time of the season again! We love to buy gifts for our friends and family but it isn’t always easy to find a gift for our traveling friends that can be delivered where they are.

So, this time we’ve taken a different path: we made a list of crafty and original gifts for travelers that can be delivered to your friends and family worldwide. They are all from under 50 euros (53 US dollars) and, of course, are made from travelers for travelers.

5 gift ideas for travelers that you can send anywhere in the world

Gifts for travelers FulBelSic backpack keychain
Backpack Keychain from FulBelSic
Traveler embroidered patch
Traveler embroidered patch from AsildaStore

Gifts to customize the backpack or your travel gear

Traveling gear can be boring and all of us travelers want to give it our personal touch. There are many ways to achieve that, but these are the best items we’ve seen lately:

  1. A mini backpack key chain
    We love the handmade backpack key chain made by the portuguese doll maker FulBelSic. They are made by hand, so each of them is slightly different, but she also takes custom orders, in case you want a completely unique one.
  2. An inspirational leather key chain
    We love this quote and having it hanging from our backpacks reminds us of where we’ve been and inspires us to travel more. They make them in the UK and you can also have your own quote engraved.
  3. An old style patch to prove your passion to travel.
    We love these embroidered patches from US photographer Anastasia Petukhova.

Original passport covers and document holders

We’ve love to see those passports that look old and very, very, very used, but they need to stay in good shape to be valid to travel. So, to keep them safe from liquids, thiefs and other things, you can check:

  1. Solar system passport cover
    It might be a very basic version of a passport cover, but it has a nice design and is thin enough to use at the machines of passport control without having to remove the passport from it. It is made in the US by TwoPolkaDots
  2. A custom penguing book cover for your passport
    A similar idea, this time made in fabric and an old cover (you can even request an special one). They are made by BagsymeFirst in the UK and also delivered worldwide.
  3. A unique hand painted one with the map of your choice
    This beautiful passport cover from MyALaMode is our favorite one by far. They are custom made on canvas so each of them is truly unique.
Handpainted passport cover ooak etsy
Handpainted passport cover from MyALaModeBoutique
Passport cover solar system
Solar System Passport cover from TwoPolkaDots
Travel bangle jewellery etsy
Travel Bangle from FairyFountainGifts
engraved world map ring BubbelBox Etsy
World Map ring from BubbleBox

Jewellery gifts for travelers

There are many ways to show your passion for travel. Airplanes, coordinates, maps,… jewels can also make an amazing inspiration for wanderlusters like us. These are our favorite items lately:

  1. Travel bangle with compass
    These handmade bangles come from the Travel collection of Fairy Fountain in the UK. They are nickel free and easy to carry when you travel around the world.
  2. World Map engraved ring
    A nice way to show your passion to travel which is available in different materials /colors and handmade in Greece. They also have matching earrings and bracelets on their collection.
  3. World Map necklace
    Made in the US by IvyByDesign in different materials and lengths. A bit more expensive than the other two but they also have country by country designs that are a more affordable.

Beautiful Maps

All of us travelers are in love with maps. They inspire us to travel and they remind us of the places we’ve been to. Plus, there are some great designers out there doing some amazing things with maps:

  1. Watercolor Political world map
    This beautiful watercolor map from Macanaz in Spain makes a beautiful decor for any traveler home. Plus, it is made with 100% cotton fine art paper, handmade in France.
  2. Scratch Map with a twist
    We’ve all wanted scratch maps, a place to record our travels on our house wall. But this one from Kuulys in Hawaii adds a little extra to it, with a watercolor background that unveils when you scratch the surface.
  3. Vintage Map Bracelet
    Half a map, half jewellery, these bracelets from  DecemberMoonDesign are made in the US from vintage maps on aluminium. They have limited units of each map (sometimes only one) que but luckily they have a wide range of maps and destinations to choose from.
Gift for travelers watercolor map macanaz
Political Map from Macanaz
Watercolor scratch map from Kuulys on Etsy
Scratch map from Kuulys
felt Travel bag with waxed leather
Travel bag OplichLeatherGoods
Handmade Cat sleeping mask with rhinestones Julia Wine etsy
Cat Sleeping Mask from Julia Wine

Gifts to travel in Fashion

Our last recommendations are style and fashion items that every traveler would love to have (or at least that we would love to have):

  1. Felt travel & Cosmetics Bag  
    The team at Oplich Leather in Kiev, Ukraine, make some beautiful leather accessories, but we just recently spotted their felt items and they are just as nice.
  2. Satin sleeping mask with rhinestones
    Also from the Ukraine, JuliaWine makes some interesting sleeping masks for all of us who sleep on planes, trains and buses. A great gift both for men and women.
  3. Scarf with hidden pockets
    These scarves contain  hidden pockets that are great to keep your passport and other documents safe. They are designed by the travel bloggers behind

Hope you liked these gift ideas for travelers. But, if you are looking for additional inspiration, there is this awesome Holiday gift guide curated by Etsy Staff with some other unique handmade ideas from around the world. And, yes, most of them deliver worldwide too.

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