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About Travel To 5 travel blog

WHAT IS TravelTo5?
Curated travel ideas to help you explore each destination on your own

Traveling to a new place can be daunting. Where to buy gifts that are original? Where to drink the best coffee? What would make a distinctive selfie everybody would love?

We’ve been there, so we decided to take a different travel blog approach and instead of making you jealous of what we’ve don and where we’re going, we want to help you plan those little details that will make your trip unique.

It’s going to be hard work, specially when we test the best chocolates 😉 but we’ll bring you 5 recommendations each time.

We research each destination and test every recommendation so you can enjoy your travels at full.
Why and how we do it

We choose 5 because we want to show you only the best, most original, most authentic choices. That makes us choose and rank our favorite on each destination.

why 5
where 5

We travel the world, but we only publish about those destinations we have visited several times or that we visit on a slow mode, with time enough to try and research.

We spend quality time on each destination, researching, trying and asking locals about their favorite places. Yes, it involves a lot of coffe and amazing conversations.

how 5
which 5

We only publish our tested recommendations. We won’t talk about services we haven’t tried, hotels he haven’t slept in or museums we’ve never been to.

Our focus? We look for all of those things that as travelers we’ve needed when traveling. It could be where to eat, where to buy a gift or where to go.

what 5
why us

What makes you different from Yelp? We like yelp, google, etc. and we use them when we travel. But they offer too many options and some of the best reviews are in other languages or not even there.

Not just travel stories, practical information and curated ideas.

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