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Portugal + Where to buy original souvernirs and gifts

It is not easy to choose a gift when you travel. In Portugal, best selling souvenirs are Porto wine, the image of the Virgin of Fatima or the Cock of Barcelos. In Viana, you can add to the list the famous embroidery of the Minho and Porto e Norte region. But where to buy those gifts?

Boring Souvenirs stores are located mainly at the main street. You can find there figures of saints and sweatshirts with Cristiano Ronaldo or the portuguese flag. But, if you really want a gift your mom will like or a memory you will keep, take a walk around town; you will find small shops with wine from local producers, handmade embroidery and a lot of Portuguese contemporary art and handcrafts.

Find below our five favorite craft stores in Viana do Castelo.

5 Perfect Gift Shops from Viana do Castelo in Portugal

Casa Sandra Bordados

Casa Sandra Bordados is a well-known handmade embroidery shop of Viana do Castelo. Visit this small shop to find many embroidery applications on traditional costumes, linens, bedding…

We love: the old tradition of hand-embroidered love letters, also known as “Lenços of Namorados do Minho”. It is one of the typical gifts from Viana do Castelo. Perfect for handcraft lovers and grandmas.

Where: Largo João Tomás da Costa 46, Viana do Castelo. or Facebook 

À Moda Antiga

A Moda Antiga is a Retro Market & Bistro. It belongs to a new generation of stores focusing on traditional Portuguese products with a modern twist. Here you will found craft beer, wine from small wineries and Portuguese oil in a revamped old grocery store.

We love their collection of handmade portuguese and local brands such as Claus Porto and Castelbel. Check also the corner with traditional shaving items, a perfect gift for a hypermodern friend.

Where: Largo João Tomás da Costa 63, Viana do Castelo, Portugal or Facebook

Objectos Misturados

Objectos Misturados specializes in the distribution of small art pieces from portuguese designers, artists and creatives. They also organize art and design exhibitions in collaboration with artists from the area of Viana do Castelo.

We love there: the variety of children’s books from traditional tales with a modern twist to new stories from portuguese and international authors. Everything is stamped “Made in Portugal”, making it a unique gift from your trip to Portugal. Perfect for a nephew, grandchild …. or a creative friend.

Where: Rua Mateus Barbosa, nº32, Viana do Castelo o facebook.

Mãe Galinha

Mãe Galinha, is an atelier and shop with handmade clothing for children. Located the old town of Viana do Castelo, the small design studio focuses on fun embroidered and custom baby clothes and accessories for children.

We love their designs and hand embroidered shirts with details of famous dolls to own creations. Perfect for mothers, aunts, grandmothers …. and for children from 0-15 years.

Where: Rúa Grande nº 44, 4900-542 Viana do Castelo, Portugal

Armazém 66

Armazém 66, is a small shop focused on selling contemporary Portuguese creations. You can find an assorted catalog from furniture and office supplies to a little food corner with handmade portuguese products including craft beer, wine from small wineries and Portuguese honey.

We love: their collection of Portuguese illustrators’ works, the perfect and original souvenir to take home to a creative friend when you go back from your trip to Portugal.

Where: Rúa da Bandeira, 66

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